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Osér Ventures

A step ahead, a new world.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Partner with a smarter, cleaner future. Here at Oser Ventures, we invite you to join our family of clients in building a prosperous, sustainable tomorrow. We are a seasoned team of investment professionals with over a century of combined financial expertise, dedicated to developing intelligent strategies to meet the specific needs, preferences, and resources of our investors.

As an Oser client, your portfolio will flourish while you help create a better world. The companies we incubate show solid, maintenable growth and provide crucial services that our clients and their communities needed. These companies each fulfill a necessity in the fields, livestock feed enhancement, disease suppression, and municipal water technology. These organizations are primed to soar in the marketplace, and we’ll be there to help you benefit from their success.

Our capable, experienced staff provides our clients with the most secure, transparent and profitable investment vehicle possible in today’s complex market environment, as we have done successfully for over a decade.

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Incubating The Future

– The #1 Cattle / Dairy Cattle and Poultry feed enhancement formula, with current test studies underway in the swine industry.

– OMRI Certified Organic

– Improves feed conversion efficiency to drastically lower farmer overhead, as well as, producing a much larger and healthier animal in far less time, leading to additional cycles and drastically improving the net bottom line of the operation.

– Sanitary Wastewater Concentrator Systems

– LED Light Fixtures

– LED Ceiling Tile Troffer Replacements

– Miniature Hybrid Reverberation Systems

Committed to Quality Service

At Oser Ventures, our clients’ needs take precedence. Our in-house team of dedicated, qualified Investor Relations Professionals are trained to thoroughly analyze, update, and review your investments with an eye toward sustainable growth. Being a boutique venture firm allows us to work one-on-one with our clients. We will review your current portfolios upon request, providing an open, honest, and detailed assessment of possible benefit, as well as potentially underperforming or not forward-thinking aspects of your portfolio. Because Oser investment professionals are salaried and proficient in financial analysis, our clients can rest assured that all staff recommendations are sound, in-depth and not commission-driven.

Professionalism, thoroughness, and transparency are paramount to our corporate charter.